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Syphony II & Phatbox

Tendaimwari Mar 31, 2006

  1. Tendaimwari

    Tendaimwari Member

    I have also posted this on the ICE forum so any advice will be helpful. Can you install a Phatbox if you already have a Syphony II, front CD changer type, stereo installed. If so what lead is required. Just bought one and I cannot see where the lead fits. The lead is a circular 13 pin plug. Please help.
  2. scoTTy

    scoTTy Active Member

    Phatbox works in any type II radio. It sounds like you're missing a cable.

    On mine I had a cable from the headunit to my 6CD. I removed the 6CD leaving the cable goign to the head unit. I then installed my Phatbox including it's cable which connected to the original headunit cable. i.e. between the headunit and the Phatbox and two cables joined together.

    I originally got confused as I expect it to be one single cable.
  3. dstech

    dstech Member

    You have a couple of options. You could have gotten the VW Phatbox unit, which comes with a square connector + OEM A4 Glovebox CD Changer cable. This is the cheapest solution and lets you install the phatbox unit in your glovebox.

    Since you have the Audi version phatbox unit you have the round CD changer cable meant for the trunk mounted CD changer (B5/C5).

    You need the trunk mounted CD changer cable to mount your Phatbox in the trunk (expensive).

    "REQUIRED FOR CARS W/O CG CHANGER PREP. This cable rus from the radio head unit in the dash to the rear where the Phatnoise is mounted."

    Part No.: 4B0-051-735-B
    Sale Price: $ 104.40 US

    This is the US application guide so this also applies to 2001 Model year A4's outside of North America (B6's).

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