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Symphony to Symphony 2 upgrade problems

shollis Feb 19, 2007

  1. shollis

    shollis flat in fifth.....

    I have just tried upgrading the head unit in my car from a Symphony to a Symphony 2 and have come across the following issues:
    1. There is a small co-ax type plug in the loom (that I assume puts the radio channel/CD track on the display on the dash) that doesn't fit the Symphony 2 as the both the loom and the stereo appear to have 'male' centres.
    2. The Radio doesn't display 'BOSE' when it is turned on. Do all Symphony 2's do this as it appeared in the display on my Symphony?(It has got BOSE fitted)
    3. The display seems very dim compared to the old radio and climate control display.
    4. When I turn the ignition off and remove the key the radio stays on, unlike the original Symphony which turned off.
    5. The old Symphony had a blade connector type earth plug on the back which the new one doesn't. I have tried earthing this plug onto the Symphony 2 to see if the display becomes brighter but it doesn't.
    6. On a purely cosmetic note, the colour and finish of the Symphony 2 is a dark grey soft touch matt type finish whereas the old Symphony, the climate unit and the ESP/Cup holder panel above the radio are a very dark black with almost a shiny finish (not the Piano black of the S3 but if anyone knows where I can get a set from please let me know!!).
    It is a 2000 'X' face lift 1.8 T Sport that had the Symphony with BOSE fitted from new.
    Has anyone else done this conversion and had similar problems? Any suggestions?
    Many thanks in advance.
  2. s8craig

    s8craig Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Ok, you have come across all the common problems....

    1. The coax is the diversity cable and you need an adaptor.
    2. It may need coding for BOSE or check that the BOSE wire for the sym 2 is grounded to a brown wire.
    3. It works off can bus for the lights dimming, so your sym 2 needs connecting to the cluster correctly for can HI & LO.
    4. Again it's a can bus issue, ignition over can bus is ued for sym 2
    5. Don't be silly, thats the alarm ground wire.
    6. Well they changed to Soul Black at 2002/3 which is why it doesn't match.
  3. shollis

    shollis flat in fifth.....

    Thanks for your reply!

    OK, where can I get an adaptor from to get the DIS working?

    Is there any solution to the CAN-BUS issues? The dim lights I can live with (but if the adaptor above solves this one as well the excellent) but it not turning off with ignition is an annoying pain in the ar5e.

    Is it worth fitting a tab to the Symphony 2 so I can earth the alarm wire? (as I now feel very stupid that I thought is was to do with the lights dimming!!)

    "It may need coding for BOSE or check that the BOSE wire for the sym 2 is grounded to a brown wire."

    I assume someone with VAG-COM can set it to BOSE but from memory the guy I bought the radio off said it was already BOSE coded so could that have something to do with the CAN BUS as well? Or how do I "check that the BOSE wire for the sym 2 is grounded to a brown wire."?

    Sorry for the questions but if its too much hassle then I will just sell it and get a boot mounted autochanger.
    Unless anyone has a early Symphony 2 in black not dark grey they want to swap it for?!?!?!

  4. s8craig

    s8craig Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    You will need to run wires to the cluster for canbus if your car supports it, a cluster with 3 connectors, green, blue and grey has can bus.

    That will solve 99% of your issues.
  5. Stuart B

    Stuart B Well-Known Member

    This is exactly the same for me! did you ever get it to work in the dash board switch off with ignition etc or the diversity adapter? I just moved the symphony earth blade across, and don't seem to be able to change the mode to Bose using vcds lite.


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