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Symphony II with NAV

var679 Sep 30, 2007

  1. var679

    var679 New Member


    recently joined the forum and after some advice please.

    I have a 54 a4 avant sport. The car has a symphony II with Bose and sat nav. The Navigation is displayed via the centre information display.

    The question I have is re the fitting of a parrot kit.

    I have fitted the kit using the Tel + & - input, pin 3&4 on the rear of the Symphony II head unit. The mute function is wired via pin 1. Power is all in place and the system works fine, until I turn the ignition on.

    When the ignition is off, the stereo mutes and sound can be head from the speakers. When I turn the ignition on, the mic still operates but no sound is available through the speakers.

    If I disconnect the NAV inputs from the same multi plug (Nav + & -, the parrot works fine with the ignition on.

    The label of the Symphony II only shows the NAV inputs and not the tel. I have read that a 5k resistor is required to the + tel line due to input voltage, but would this cause this issue, should I be connecting the parrot through the Nav system which then feeds the Symphony unit?

    Any advice would be welcome as I use this car and really need the parrot working.



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