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Symphony II read MP3 discs?

steve184 Sep 29, 2006

  1. steve184

    steve184 Active Member

    Hi - just wondering if the Symphony II now reads MP3 cds also? Doesn't say it in the brochure for the A3 but it does say it for the brochure for the new TT - price identical for the two??? If not I don't understand why they put one version in one car and one in the other why cant they standardise them? It also doesn't mention casette player in TT brochure? Does this mean they have dropped it on the TT - don't know why they don't for the A3 in that case - noone uses tapes anymore!!!! Just a radio and in-dash 6CD changer would be perfect for me (pref MP3 caompatible!)

    Also, anyone had the new iPod connection instead of CD changer? Any good? Says its controllable from radio controls or steering wheel - but if its in glove box off show - where do your songs get displayed? bit confused about this and there doesn't seem to be any more detailed info on it. Also USB stick console whats that all about? Same queries here really??

  2. dmaudi

    dmaudi Member

    can't answer all the questions but the Symphony II will play copied CDs,

    personally never tried to fill a blank CD with MP3s but mine was always full of either WM lossless or 320KB recorded discs....to keep my originals scratch free

    on the lastest versions they are sticking in there is the option of an adaptor which allows you to plug in your IPOD, think its in the glovebox. You can buy and retro fit these for all symphony II and control your IPOD from the CD changer button and see tracks in the DIS if fitted.

    sure someone on here has one of these you can get them from Halfords amongst others

    on the USB it is similar but in the centre console but I don't think you get track listing, happy to be proved wrong

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