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Symphony II - Questions and advice - Audi A6 C5 Avant

wydths Jul 25, 2012

  1. wydths

    wydths New Member

    Hello all,

    I've read through a lot of the posts in the ICE forum and picked up a lot of useful info but I have a few specific questions that I wonder if anyone has any thoughts or advice on.

    The issues all relate around a problem that started with my Symphony II fitted to my 2003 A6 1.9TDi Sport Avant which I have owned since 2007. The unit had worked fine one day but due to a defective battery eneded up displaying code in the display. I followed the instructions and pressed the correct buttons as I had done in the past to enter the code but that didn't allow me the option of actually entering a code on this occasion.

    After trying on a few occasions and driving around for over 2 hours with it turned on all the time, I asked advice from my local Audi dealership who said they could unlock it for me, however after taking it in to them they then told me that it was "defective" and needs replaced. (oh and they want something in the region of £650!)

    So question number 1 is, has anyone else experienced this issue and if so how or who can fix it? I am in possesion of the original code so its not an unlock for a forgotten code that I need, nor did I enter the code in wrongly too many times.

    I then started looking on eBay for a replacement unit but like a number of others reading this forum, was bewildered by the number of seemingly different models for sale. My Symphony sticker says its a 4B0 035 195H. I know that it has a powered amp/sub in the boot area - is this the same as a Bose unit? There is no reference to Bose when you turn on the unit (when it was working)

    I guess that makes question number 2 - Are all the units different or does it just come down to if they are Bose or non Bose enabled? If I can buy other models how do I know which ones will work in my car?

    So in the meantime I attempted to get some music using a Pioneer unit which I had recently removed from my VW Golf (due to an upgrade). After buying the correct autoleads wiring harness and getting it working I then hit the issue with the amplified ariel which I thought I had resolved by purchasing a fakra (?) connector but I am still suffering badly with poor to non existent radio reception. I managed to connect it up reasonably ok apart from trying to find somewhere to connect a single wire to which was attached to the fakra connector.

    So question 3 is, when fitting a replacement stereo is there something else I should have bought/done? Or any other reason for the poor radio reception? The Symphony did work ok with FM but struggled with AM/MW reception (not that this bothered me).

    I have looked at Double Din head units but haven't seen one that I think would look "right" in the car. Also because of the issues above with my Pioneer I am not willing to spend money on something that may not work.

    My preference/long term goal would be to get my Syphony II repaired or buy the correct replacement. I never thought it would be this complicated though!

    Grateful for any help or advice.

  2. s8craig

    s8craig Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Don't know about that issue, could be the ROM is corrupt after the battery flattening and that is why it will not accept the code. Other than that I have no idea

    All symphony II radios are the same electrically with the exception of the A3 8P0 models.

    BOSE means the car is BOSE not the radio, so the radio is coded for BOSE if fitted to a BOSE car.

    You need a 4B0 model as that means the faceplate is the right shape for the A6.

    Aftermarket stereos in Audi's are always a pain, there are some good guys in here that can advise about them and maybe resolve the issues, but you are right the antenna will need a phantom feed for power when an aftermarket unit is fitted.

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