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Symphony 2 headunit

Rob45 Jul 24, 2013

  1. Rob45

    Rob45 Member

    I have the symphony 2 double din headunit which has the built in 6 play cd unit , What is on the back of this by means of plugging in a connects 2 etc ? as want to connect my ipod or is this a no chance situation ... As i know the connects 2 plugs into tghe changer port on back of HU but as i dont have an ext changer will there be any Aux plugs , apart from the obvious of changing HU to something else is there anything for this , If i change the H/u is there now things on the market to keep the display in the dashpod with an aftermarket unit ? as i remember when i had my TT back in 2004 when i changed to a pioneer mp3 unit i lost all track/station info on dash pod ?????
  2. JimS3

    JimS3 Active Member

    Look up x-car link.

    Allows you to control iPod from stock head unit and if you have a sat-nav app it will talk over car speakers etc.

    Bit pricey at around £70 odd though

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