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Swindon Area VCDS Scan HELP!!

N7 JNS Apr 30, 2011

  1. N7 JNS

    N7 JNS New Member

    Hi all!

    Wondered if anyone around the area would be able to help me? Getting code 18080 for the cooling fan which is running continuously and I'm having to disconnect it after driving to save the battery!!(2.0TDi BKD 2005) Would a scan help pinpoint the actual fault rather than what I can google for the general open/short info. I'm not sure if its the fan (n/s large one) or the module and I know the fan pack is £££!! I've already posted on the 8P forum as my IMF was playing up, but it's now stripped and cleaned, although still with 19557+8 still showing!!

    If anyone in the area can help, I would be really grateful.

    PS I live near Lyneham, and willing to travel!!

  2. Paulieb A3

    Paulieb A3 New Member

    Hi N7

    I've had good service from Dialynx in Lydiard Millicent, recently. Much cheaper than the main dealer and close to you, too.
    Did a scan for me, cost £25 + VAT.


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