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Swapping the brakes over this weekend. Any advice

AudiLeon Nov 25, 2011

  1. AudiLeon

    AudiLeon Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Done most things on a car from the basics to engine conversions and gearbox conversions. So all is good.

    Any advice though? Finally upgraded to a Eezibleed kit for ease of the task and to stop any flipped seals. Also invested in a hose clamp.

    I'm going over from the standard 312mm to the S4 345mm setup.
    I have everything from the S4 including the hubs. I assume the calipers and hangers bolt onto the A4 hubs to save swapping the whole lot.

    If I read correctly I bleed closest to the master cylinder first. Got some Dot 4 but the higher grade stuff. Not a fan of 5.1.
    Anything I've missed?
  2. stu_m

    stu_m Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    bleed furthest away from the cylinder first :) and your supposed to cycle the ABS pump too
  3. jbcalvin

    jbcalvin Member

    Lots of WD40, a good blowtorch and the right sized Allen keys........ I did pads and discs all round earlier this year and this was the biggest problem.....
  4. AudiLeon

    AudiLeon Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    The discs and pads on it at the moment aren't too old. So all is good for being siezed.

    I read that it's closest first when pressure bleeding. Is there an option in Vagcom to cycle the abs?
  5. scott b

    scott b Active Member VCDS Map User

    also make sure you have plenty of brake fluid, at least 2 litres
  6. AudiLeon

    AudiLeon Well-Known Member VCDS Map User

    Got the brakes swapped over today. Only used a litre, I clamped the hoses before taking off the old ones. So alot less fluid lost and drained. All the air got out using a Eezibleed kit.
    Feels alot better. I've been out and tested the brakes, holy mother of god. The initial braking isn't much different from standard. But when you really plant the brakes down it stops you hard. So i've mad the abs working hard tonight. I'm going to give them one last quick bleed tomorrow. Anyone know how to do the clutch?

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