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swapping RNS-E for Dynavin D99

pablo Oct 18, 2013

  1. pablo

    pablo Active Member

    first off am I mad to consider this? I want decent bluetooth and ipod functionality on my HU and the RNS-E seems limited in its capacity to offer this (2006 model). So Im considering buying a Dynavin and selling the RNS.

    Have a few Qs though

    - will my steering wheel controls work?
    - will things display on the DIS? Not a big deal as the DIS is rubbish anyway (monochrome red one).
    - will things like oem gps antenna etc work ok?
    - will I be able to remove all the things required to sell the RNS or do I need to keep some? GPS antenna, bluetooth module etc.

    or maybe Id be better getting a newer RNS and getting the MMI type interface for IPOD?

    Thanks for any info guys.
  2. monopole

    monopole Well-Known Member

    Dynavin 99 is ****, dont do it. Purchased one for my TT when I had it, went back same week. Interface and feel/look is awful, just awful
  3. pablo

    pablo Active Member

    oh dear :( worse than the RNS-E?

    Also tempted by an aftermarket doubledin but the dynavin seemed a bit more integrated

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