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Swapping alloys, keeping tyres...

mookster Apr 16, 2013

  1. mookster

    mookster Active Member quattro


    I've got the s line 5 spoke alloys on my motor and am aiming to change them later in the year. However, I've currently got a couple of knackered tyres which need replacing to get through MOT next month but I'm loath to spend out on some decent tyres to only use them for a couple of months.

    So, the plan is to get new wheels in the same size as the current ones and then swap the tyres over. Tyre size is 225/40/18, but despite searching I can't find the width of the s line alloys mentioned anywhere. Guessing they'll either be 7.5 or 8 width, just wanted to confirm the size so that I can ensure I get new alloys that'll fit the same. Was also wondering if anyone knows the offset aswell, that way I can then work out what I need for best 'arch fill' purposes :)

  2. Turbo jay

    Turbo jay Leather repair specialist

    S lines are 7.5J ET54 mate.
  3. Jonathaan

    Jonathaan Quattro

    As far as im aware they are 7.5 like Jay has said, and do you not have anybody with a spare set of wheels which you could lend?

    I mean why narrow your selection on new wheels, due to the inconveniance of having low tread on your current tyres...

    Just a thought (Y)
  4. mookster

    mookster Active Member quattro

    Turbo jay > Thanks mate, appreciate it :)

    Jonathaan > I hear what you're saying and it's a consideration. Looking at options on wheels I'm happy to stick with 18"s and wouldn't want to go much wider anyway due to increased rolling resistance. I've just had a pair of Hankook Ventus V12 Evos put on and they're slightly wider than the Pirelli Rosos that were on originally, they'll easily fit an 8j rim without a great deal of stretch.

    So, chances are I'll plump for BBS CH in 18x8 with offset of around ET45, and drop it a bit while I'm at it :)

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