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Swapped my 'trater for an a3 1.8t quattro sport :)

Lavis89 Aug 18, 2011

  1. Lavis89

    Lavis89 Well-Known Member Regional Rep Team Sprint Audi S4 Audi A3

    alright well i didnt really have a tractor, but being from the westcountry i probly should do. i did have a 1997 fiat punto s60 though... dont buy one, they're ****. had it as an inbetweener seeing as my mk2 golf bit the dust a few months back :(. i have already fallen in love with my a3 though, been hunting for a quattro sport for a lonnnng time, finally managed to get hold of one that has only done 77k, only catch is that the cambelt hasn't been done :( i'll be on that soon though.

    few subtle mods, namely the window tints, and i belive but could be mistaken that the wheels are not standard (i do love them wheels though). im not massively in to engine mods (it has got a k&n turbo intake kit already fitted) but will be adding a bit of extra ICE so will be asking some advice at some point no doubt!


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