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Suspension ??

Dsport Jan 1, 2011

  1. Dsport

    Dsport Active Member

    I lowered my B6 avant Auto a few months ago on Koni sport springs and it was suposed to drop 35mm,
    after a few weeks the rear was good and I was happy but wanted more from the front maybe another 10mm
    so I decided to take them back off and get some coilovers,
    I did the fronts yesterday afternoon but its knocking like mad, the strut is thicker and think this is causing the knocking but now fed up with it
    Thinking of going back to the koni s and using b5 cups to get more of a drop has anyone used these as at the moment its trial and error for me put getting fed up of stripping the thing down every two minutes, can anyone shed any light on B5 cups please

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