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Suspension & mounts refresh?

JPK Sep 16, 2012

  1. JPK

    JPK Active Member

    I have an H&R Sport Cup kit to install and im accumulating a few bits and pieces to replace whilst im in there.
    Hoping to get rid of the creaks, drivetrain slop etc and tighten the car right up at the same time. Im at 110,000km (68,000miles)
    and the car is a 2005 2.0T (AXX) DSG 8P.

    These are the parts im replacing:
    *Front Strut Mounts, bearings and bolts
    *Whiteline rear control arm mounts (WALK)
    *Whiteline lower inner front bushings
    *Whiteline trailing arm bushing kit
    *034 Motorsport Engine & Transmission mounts (Street Density)
    *034 Motorsport Dogbone insert
    *Subframe bolts & shims (N10528602 x2 & 7M3499349A x2)

    1. Do I need to/should I replace anything else such as upper (rear) shock mounts, rear bump stops, tie rods, ball joints or subframe/dogbone mounts?
    2. Is there any other subframe bolts that are prone to wear that I should replace at the same time?
  2. JPK

    JPK Active Member

    No ideas?
  3. essIII

    essIII Active Member

    I can't help hugely but:

    I have the h&r cup kit, the WALK, Engine & Transmission mounts and Dogbone insert - each one of these made a real difference and the car feels much tighter as a result - all worthwhile mods.

    If you do want a new dog bone mount, I've got a THS FR3 lying around - I've fitted the engine and transmission mounts but didn't want to drop the sub frame so stuck with a polybush insert in the dogbone mount.

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