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Suspension mod?

SteveSAS Jan 2, 2014

  1. SteveSAS

    SteveSAS Active Member

    Hi guys, which is the best suspension kit to get for a standard S3 including value for money. Would like it lowered slightly from standard & a flatter ride in the bends but without making it much harder over bumps?
    Any sport suspension kit that would achieve this for under £500?


  2. sssline

    sssline Active Member

    Lots of threads on here if you look through. For that kind of budget maybe look at AP coilovers. Though coilovers can't beat a paired shock/spring setup according to many reviews and the most popular choice seems to be the Bilstein B12 kit (B8 shocks with Eibach springs). Some people do have apex springs paired with these shocks, slightly lower iirc and slightly firmer. Coilovers don't really offer the comfort factor and best suited to tracks I think. Also factor in the adjustable tie bars which you will need to correct the camber on the wheels if you drop >30mm (I think) which will add to the cost (there is a group buy on these at the moment £150 a pair which is a steal but deadline fast approaching). The general consensus is do it once but do it right when it comes to suspension because people who have opted for the cheaper alternative seem to get what they spent out of the setup.

    Anyway search the threads with some of they key words and you will find what you're after. Also Damian at DPM Performance is useful for an opinion if you want to look him up.
  3. I have put ProSport Coilovers on my A4, slightly lowered ride height, much flatter in the corners and a very nice ride too; not the teeth rattling usual Audi ride.

    And good value and a five year warranty!
  4. The Doctor

    The Doctor Well-Known Member

    I'd certainly agree with that. After your tyres, the suspension is what's keeping you pinned to the tarmac. I'd also consider replacing your suspension bushes, front top mounts and the rear rose joints in the hubs at the same time.

    Have you read this:


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