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suspension and service,bam s3

lukens3 Mar 6, 2010

  1. lukens3

    lukens3 Member

    hello all
    i just got my car back from having some work done first up was the twichy suspension which turned out to be a snaped spring on the rear which im told is common, i had already purchased a full suspension kit from kw to replace the eibach springs which in my opinion sat way to low on the rear ,also it was only running standard dampers so didnt feel very nice . im happy with the kw kit drives alot better now,its now only lowered 30mm on the front and 25 on the rear so car sits a bit higher than before but sit more level . im guessing it was lowered around 50mm before which was wrecking the rear tyres as wasnt set up properly by previous owner. also had a few bushes replaced so car feels tight again next was engine oil ,oil filter,airfilter fuel filter plugs and so on , next week having turbo gasket replaced ,downpipe and sports cat,gear oil,haldex oil +filter and diff oil .so keeping my mechanic busy with my s3 .thanks for reading

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