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Surge under acceleration

Beef Mar 27, 2007

  1. Beef

    Beef Member

    Morning all,

    I'm new to this forum having just bought a 2004 1.8T Quattro S Line Sport Avant. She's got 60k on the clock and is fabulous....except...there's a surge under hard acceleration.

    Here's what happens: Accelerates good and hard through 1st gear, into second and she picks up nicely, then briefly flattens, before pulling well again. I have noticed it in the higher gears but the effect is more subtle. It's as though the turbo is being briefly eased off.

    The chap I bought it from had noticed this and took it to an Audi dealer who said they couldn't find a problem when testing.

    Any advice much appreciated...and since I'm more familiar with old V8s...an idea of where to look on the engine would also be much appreciated.

    Many thanks in advance,

    Beef :)
  2. golf

    golf ***** rent boy VCDS Map User

    Could be anything really, but the most common source of flat spots is the MAF. Best to get it hooked up to vag com.
  3. Beef

    Beef Member

    Thanks very much - I'll do that!


  4. A4 TC

    A4 TC 1.8T quattro sline

    Just had my 1.8tq sline (190) superchipped last week and mine does that too, 1st gear and 2nd gear no probs, when you get to 3rd it flattens out mid way between 3k and 4k revs and then powers back to normal,the car is alot quicker but that flat spot is a worry. Going to take it back to superchips to see what they make of it first and then if problem not solved back to the stealers.

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