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SuperPro Polyurethane bush kit offer

ben@amdessex Feb 8, 2010

  1. ben@amdessex

    ben@amdessex Member

    To celebrate our sponsorship deal with SuperPro on our BTCC Golf, we can offer a very special deal on the complete bush kit for Mk1 A3 FWD Only

    The full kit is £163.64 + vat. Normal fitting price for this kit is £360 + vat. (Total price £614.28 inc vat)

    We are offering the full kit and fitting for £403.78 inc vat a saving of £210.50

    The complete bush kit includes


    Front Control Arm, Front Bush Kit


    Front Control Arm, Rear Bush Kit


    Dog Bone Mount Kit

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Rear Axle Bushes


    Steering Rack Mount


    The quality of these bushes is far superior to any other kit on the market and as such come with an unrivalled 3 year/36,000 Mile warranty.
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