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Superchips Removal

cyclopspig Apr 26, 2007

  1. cyclopspig

    cyclopspig New Member

    I am looking to sell my A3 1.9TDI 110 Sport soon and I wanted to reinstall the original ecu chip. I currently have a Superchips chip installed and it is the type which requires soldering. I have been given a quote of £70 by a superchips dealer to get the original chip reinstalled.

    Can I do this myself and save the money?

    I wish to change it back because I feel that the car would command more interest when selling, if it was returned back to stock.

  2. RSTuning

    RSTuning New Member

    Do you have your old chips? If so then you should be able to open your ecu and replace them. I think your model has 2 28pin chips inside so you will need to make sure you get them in the right socket and the right way round.

    Feel free to give us a call if you need advice.


  3. PlebbyChris

    PlebbyChris Complete Pleb

    You should be able to do it yourself if you do have the chip.

    All they will have done to the ECU is desoldered the original chip and soldered in a IC holder. In the holder they will have placed another small board that acts as a decoder and then in that board is the superchips chip. If you have the original then you'll need to just pull the board out of the mounted IC holder and place original chip back in.

    Piece of cake, 5 minute job if you have original chip that is.

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