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Superchips (bluefin)

Cannonz Sep 28, 2011

  1. Cannonz

    Cannonz New Member

    Hi Guys,

    I have a 60 plate A4 avant 1.8 TFSI (120 PS) model and I'm finding it's slightly not as responsive as I would like it to be so I've looked at the superchips bluefin ECU remap, I quite like the idea of not being hard wired and can be swapped back to the original when I need to get it serviced under warranty.
    What i'm really asking is after checking the superchips website I've found out that my model has an increase of 98bhp surely this must be a misprint as standard it's only got 118bhp?
    Having looked at all other A4 models none seem to have anywhere near the bhp that I would gain from the lowest torque engine if this is a true reading then I would gladly get this as it seems I would get more for my money than anyone else

    Any info thanks...
  2. Brendan12

    Brendan12 Member

    Do they use the same turbo as in the other models, ie the 160bhp version? If so that will explain the huge increase on offer.
  3. Cannonz

    Cannonz New Member

    Unsure on that one m8, maybe someone else could shed some light on that.
  4. diffas

    diffas Active Member

    They are same. 118hp version is software limited, "eco" model. :) 80-100hp gain is normal to this power version.

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