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Supercar Driving Experience

DaveACQ20v Jun 18, 2006

  1. DaveACQ20v

    DaveACQ20v Member

    OK guys`n`gals ive been given a voucher for a supercar driving experience, I would like to know if any of you have done one of these and what you thought of it.
    I`ve got a choice of venues but i am thinking of opting for the Porsche 911 turbo around Thruxton (nice high speed circuit). I bought the PS2 Touring car game off Ebay last night for 99p because i believe the Thruxton circuit is on the game.
    Any body got any input or want to try and talk me into the Ferrari around Silverstone ?
  2. S3Si

    S3Si Member

    No advice really but am going to see a mate doing this experience around thruxton next month, can't wait! He will be driving a Porker, Fezza, and Lambo, will pi$$ myself if he crashes, will have the camera ready. Aren't I a nice mate?! Have driven the circuit in a formula renault jobby and think the course is pretty good, although Silverstone does sound tempting...
  3. craigynett

    craigynett Member

    I've did 1 of these about 3yr ago, it was f*ckin awesome!! It was at Prestwold Hall near Loughborough

    1st we had to drive a mk2 Golf GTi that had a steel wheel bolted to the bonnet with a football sat in it around a tight go cart track as quick as you could without losing the ball.

    There was 4 of us, all mates, competing against each other. I could only just reach the pedal & had to put some cushions behind my back as i'm only 5' 5" & the bucket seat wasn't close enough for me.

    The other lads lost the ball once each, i lost it twice & i still won!! Oh & you had to get out & retrieve the ball yourself!! Great fun

    I then drove a Noble M12, Lotus Exige, Lambo Diablo SV, Dodge Viper & a supercharged 4.2 Jag XKR!! Unfortunately i didn't have a great time in the Noble, as the seat wouldn't go far enough forward for me like in the Golf. In the Noble they also adjust the pedals to come closer to you but cos it's a pain in the **** they set it for somebody of average height so again i had padding behind my back which made me slide about around the twisties.

    After that i took my 210bhp CRX VTEC around for a few laps as i had track insurance. Had nearly as much fun in that spanking an S2K to the surprise of the others there that didn't know me or my car.Shame it wasn't a few months later once it'd reached 236BHP.

    I prob enjoyed the Exige the most. I felt at home in it with half a lap & got my quickest times in it. When my CRX was eventually written off i was going to keep the engine & buy an Elise with high miles or blown engine & put my VTEC into it. That would have been a right machine. Unfortunately i had a unforseen problem that popped up that made me have to sell the engine & the rest of bits id stripped form the car


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