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Sunshade Panorama, ISSUE THAT CANT BE FIXED ?

029kid Jan 24, 2014

  1. 029kid

    029kid New Member

    Ok here is the thing.

    This issue started like 3 months ago and now repeatedly happens to my A4 B8 2011 Avant. It could work as normal for some times, but then suddenly it goes back, like something is in its way.
    This may not me the biggest issue, but its annoying.

    Ive been in and out from the Audi dealer in Norway (as I have guarantee), actually 6!! times for the same issue now. They have spoken to technicians in Germany without any luck. They also recently drove the car to some other technicians in Norway which claimed that the problems was caused by my DASHCAM (which is hardwired to the fusebox) AND also said that since I got my Cruise Control retrofitted in Germany (@ Kufatec when I picked up the car) this for some reason stole to much power from the battery so that the sunshade software would go crazy and not work as it should (wtf..?!)

    Of course I didn’t believe that but I picked up the car yesterday as they wanted me to test the car for some days after they deactivated the CC and DashCam.
    But the problem is still there..

    So I no longer have any belief in the dealer, Ive actually tried 2 VAG dealers in Norway.
    None are able to fix it.

    Therefor I now search answers where the real technicians are, anyone out there that may know what this issue is caused by ?
    Or what can I make the VAG dealer do/change to fix it ?

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