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Sunroof switch question

Sid-84 Feb 1, 2013

  1. Sid-84

    Sid-84 New Member

    Well basically I'm looking to add ambient lighting but having a sunroof and black roof liner makes things a little tricky when searching for a used light unit. At the moment mine looks like this
    And one that's cropped up looks like this
    My question is that I don't particularly like the two switch version and want to know if its possible to add my 'dial' switch off my old light unit? As you can see the two sunroof buttons on the new unit are surrounded by the 'dial' shape circle so would this just cut out for the dial slot into?
    i hope u understand all that lol..
  2. Acheron

    Acheron Active Member

    Shouldn't need any cutting, mate. The switch is already seperate from the surrounding trim so in theory if yours is the same size you should have no problem swapping the two around.
  3. MrLapou

    MrLapou Well-Known Member

    I think the rocker switch is in such a stupid place.. have feel around with fingers to find it. Been better if it was on the row of buttons below the radio.
    Perhaps the rotary switch is easier to use.
  4. Sid-84

    Sid-84 New Member

    Thanks that's all I needed to know.. I just think the rotary switch is more practical and looks better imo. Thanks :)

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