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Sunroof Retro-fit

MartayMcFly Apr 13, 2009

  1. MartayMcFly

    MartayMcFly Booooooost VCDS Map User Gold Supporter

    Can it be done?

    I finally got hold of a set of genuine RSTTs, cruise control is getting fitted in a week, OEM chrome mirrors are on their way and now all I need is a sunroof... if it can be done for a reasonable price.

    Anyone had it done, or know of anyone who has? Ideas of price?
  2. hutchybee

    hutchybee Faux Musician

  3. MartayMcFly

    MartayMcFly Booooooost VCDS Map User Gold Supporter

    I was thinking more OEM rather than after market... and I wouldn't be doing it without making sure whoever did it knew they'd be buying me another car if they got it wrong.
  4. themanthatcan

    themanthatcan Member VCDS Map User

    I doubt anybody would ever agree to those terms! You've clearly never tried retro-fitting a sunroof before as it's quite high-risk and even a basic tilt sunroof is a pain in the ass to install, so an OEM tilt and slide would be an absolute pig. I've fitted a couple of retro-fit tilt sunroofs, and you basically use a glorified electric can opener to cut a hole in the roof and have very small tolerances to work in. One wrong move and you have a big useless hole in the roof of your car! Even if you manage to get the hole cut correctly the next challenge is getting a water-tight seal!

    Good luck matey!
  5. Westy

    Westy Well-Known Member

    I wouldn't even bother thinking about it mate. Like said above the hardest part would be getting the thing water tight.

    What do you want a sun roof for, we dont get any sun in the UK!
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  6. HTC

    HTC Active Member

    I used to fit after market sunroofs as part of my job ages back. I hated every minute of it. Easy to to do, but those poor cars. You pull out the strengthening bars and then fit a heavy piece of glass. Roof wobbles around and they usually leak after a year or so.
    I used to try and persuade the customer not to have it done.
    To fit an OEM roof is a huge undertaking. You would need to pick out the roof sections from a donor car and weld it into the new car.........no chance unless you are a total bodywork pro.
    The few I've seen done were all roof chops, so basically cutting the donor roof at each corner and fitting to the new car. Again...........mucho tough job.

    Anything is possible though.
  7. IanPG

    IanPG Well-Known Member Team Nogaro Blue Silver Supporter Audi S3

    Just curious on this front since there are 2nd hand, complete units popping up

    has anyone done this at all? what other parts would be needed if you were to get the complete assembly & motor? would it have to be programmed in VCDS?
  8. BAN430G

    BAN430G Member


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