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Suggestions Nov 2002 A6 2.5TDI Multitronic

69COU Dec 18, 2006

  1. 69COU

    69COU Member

    Hi guys just picked up car second AUDI i got at a reasonable price, however noticed that it is real sluggish in low speeds. until it gets to about 30MPH
    (My 2003 A4 1.9TDI Multitronic is fab and i was expecting similar.)

    Similar issues through speed range, Cannot feel any real power this should have for a V6. Noticed that it seemed to get to about 80MPH but keets revs at 4000 and not change up gear if foot pushed to floor.

    Does this sound like a MAF problem or a dreaded Gearbox problem.
    The car was purchased privately but went into AUDI for a service last week.

    Any thoughts?
  2. meatychi

    meatychi Member

    I have a similar problem in my TIP but mine seems to be intermittent.

    Had it on the VAG-com and found one error which I am not sure is related. It has been posted on the VAG forum but had no real response as of yet.

    I usually drive in TIP and have no problems there.

    Have you tried the following:

    1) unplugging your MAF?

    2) had it fault diagnosed?

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