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Sudden lack of Power!!!!!!! HOW????

Mcgough Oct 31, 2004

  1. Mcgough

    Mcgough Member

    Sudden lack of Power!!!!!!! HOW????

    Was driving along tonight excellerating quite fast got to 100 mph in 5 gear 4000Rpm then suddenly no power put it in 6th no turbo either!

    Turbo wouldnt boost at all!

    pulled off the road 1st 2nd 3rd no boost, switched the car off left it and back on again boost there but all doesnt seem right any ideas whats up!!!!

    have i broke it????

    1.9Tdi Quattro Avant (130PS) 6 speed
  2. Audination

    Audination Member

    Hi.. sounds like the ECU, mind that's the worse case problem, i would check the injectors first though or the diesel filter, there could be water in it..

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