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Sub Woofer Wiring question

Von Maximo May 5, 2007

  1. Von Maximo

    Von Maximo The Damned

    Hey Guy’s

    Anyone know about the wiring to the sub in the boot?

    I’m looking to replace the sub in the boot with a sub that fits under the front seat. This I’m hoping will provide a more defined bass to the system. I've already got the sub and it fits nicely under the seat but I need to hijack the wiring to the sub in the boot


    The wires that go to the sub seem to be in two separate groups on the connector

    Red / Blue tracer
    White / black tracer
    Blue / Black tracer
    Red / Yellow tracer
    Brown / Yellow tracer

    Orange / Brown Tracer
    Orange / Purple tracer

    The wires that I need to identify are:
    Continuous power supply
    Switched power supply
    Negative / earth
    Speakers + & -

    Any help will be much apreciated

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