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  1. fenian672000

    fenian672000 Member

    how do remove the parcell shelf mounted sub on a 2003 a4 190 sport???
  2. tonyt102

    tonyt102 Member

    Not too difficult really, I'm assuming it's a saloon non BOSE.

    Pull the rear seats forward, the mesh will just pop up with a flat clean screwdriver. Can't remember if you actually need to pull the carpet shelf up but if you do, just undo a couple of screws on top, underneith the mesh grill and then it's just held on with clips. I seem to remember, the sub itself is only held on with 3 screws. From there it'll just pull out.

    It's a **** sub! I made a 12mm MDF plinth and mounted a small 8" JBL onto it. Added a 3ch amp (fitted next to the sub, undernieth the parcel shelf) using the front preouts from the headunit to suppy the sub. I also ran speaker cables to the front speakers. I left the Audi OE amp powering the rears. It sounds awsome, better than any BOSE I've heard, and looks no different.

    Hope thats of some help.

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