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Sub install

poz1.8t Jan 30, 2012

  1. poz1.8t

    poz1.8t Member

    Hi all

    I'm trying to figure out what size and style box is best for my subs.

    They are a pair of audiobahn aw1205n that I've had for years. I'd prefer some boot space left over.

    I have all the info for the subs, but not sure whether a sealed enclosure would be better/worse than a ported? Also never built a ported box so where to put the port and what size etc?

    I did want to go down the andymac route with the jl sub replacing the cheap plastic thing but as I've had these for years and won't get much for them by selling, might aswel use until funds allow the stealth sub.

    Any help appreciated!
  2. Stu!!!

    Stu!!! Member

    The difference between ported and sealed, besides sound quality, is that sealed subs can work in much smaller boxes, and generally, ported subs require large enclosures.

    Ported boxes are generally louder and ideal for Streetbass or SPL, but can be used to good effect for SQ too, but that does require careful design and system matching.

    What kind of sound are you after ? What are your musical tastes ?

    Im not familiar with your choice of subs tbh, but Im not keen on Audiobahn's products either ... best option really is to join Talk Audio Online Car Audio Magazine & Forum

    Join up and ask away - very helpful and clued up guys on there - but get busy with the search button as that will yield loads of help too :)

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