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Sub in the boot

imported_Cali Oct 3, 2005

  1. imported_Cali

    imported_Cali Guest

    Has anyone (AndyMac) built an stealth type enclosure for a A4 (B5).
    Was thinking of building a fibreglass one in the boot nearside where the CD changer and tool box and jack are located.
    Then removing the drop down door panel for the sub to face out from.
    Any ideas ?

    I have done quite a bit of fibreglass work and have an expert to help.

    If it comes off may even sell a few to cover costs.
    Any ideas on Subs - for this set up.
    My Cerwin Vega has blown one of its coils so a temp fix is in order.

    * Help can anyone tell me which is best - I have currently fitted in the front of my car - Infinity Reference series 5000cs component speakers.
    They sound good but the tweeter seems a little harsh when the volume is turned up LOUD.
    I'm interested in the HIFONICS ZS6.2C 6.5" COMPs SPEAKERS.

    Could anyone tell me what is the best - the Infinity ot Hifoinics ?

  2. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    The Infinity range are known for being harsh, i changed mine out for PHASS Comps ( SQ Units) As for the sub i made a fibreglass box for the area you are talking about in the A4


    Also the B5 will only take a max of 5 1/4 inch units in the oem positions. I tried to get bigger in there but ended up making pods and using 165mm instead
  3. AndyMac

    AndyMac Moderator Staff Member Moderator

  4. sash

    sash Member

    i have a spare auto accoustics stealth box (passenger side) for sale if your interested, brand new and unused, still has the backing on the velcro.
  5. AndyCollins

    AndyCollins Member

    I had been considering a sub in the boot but am concerned that I don't have a folding rear seat, and therefore have a full metal panel, as well as the seat back, between boot and cabin. Is the bass going to be severely impeded? I'm worried that bass will be louder outside the car than in the cabin, and I may achieve the "chav effect" without intending to!

    What do you guys think?
  6. Broken Byzan

    Broken Byzan Photographic Moderator Staff Member Moderator VCDS Map User quattro Audi A4

    I had the same problem, i removed the rear speakers and it kinda vents thru there. Also i found it's not that noticable from outside at all

  7. madkebab

    madkebab Member

    I did exactly the same. The bass still sounds nice and punchy as long as you power the sub correctly.

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