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Stupid bl**dy Audi Auto Boxes

S4_dan Nov 7, 2011

  1. S4_dan

    S4_dan Fire up the Quattro! VCDS Map User

    Hi guys,

    my old has a 2000 S8, in MINT condition. Only has circa 40k FSH on it. 2700k miles ago (About 8 months ago), my old man had the gearbox removed, cleaned and new seals fitted. About a week after the work was done, the rear seal started leaking! Took it back and got it replaced/refitted.

    Today he went to his local Tesco and when he returned to the car there was plenty of gbox oil all under the car on the floor!! The work only came with a 6 month warranty and its the rear seal that has gone again but this time its dumped a lot of oil!

    Is this common fault with these gearboxes? Or has the gbox specialist in Norfolk ruined the box/seal? The car has been parked up since April time and he's only just used it again since a fortnight ago.

    Where we he stand with claiming against the company who did the work etc??

    Anyone know what its worth? He rarely uses it and he wants to go back to a manual gbox like his other cars (saab 900 Turbo classics)


  2. Administrators

    Administrators Administrator Staff Member Administrator Audi A4 TDi

    Sounds like you have a problem that sound more like back luck than anything. The problem with the boxes normally is from abuse due to people thing they are in Ronin. The valves and the clutches go first and leaks normally are from lack of servicing or play in the output shaft.

    As for where you stand with the company have you spoken to them?

  3. S4_dan

    S4_dan Fire up the Quattro! VCDS Map User


    The old man doesn't drive it fast and furious, he picked it up with 18k miles on the clock and knows the previous very well (plays golf with him) and he never raced it.

    From what i've read, the seal fails around the 40k mark due to the heat from the exhaust and then cooling down...thus causing the seal to become brittle.

    It's been back into the garage and they didn't charge him for any work (if they did any?!) They claimed that a sealing flange that the seal sits on had become loose?? And with no cost to my Dad, makes me wonder if the leak was due to their negligence when refitting the box?

    Anyway, that was repaired last thursday and he came up North to see me on Friday. The car is still burning oil from the cat. Surely, after 300 miles, any oil left on the cat should of burnt away and still not be smelling quite strongly?!?


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