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For Sale Stunning *High Spec* Imola S3 8L

Andyblk Jul 21, 2017

  1. Andyblk

    Andyblk New Member

    Stunning *High Spec* Imola S3 8L

    Hi, I've owned the S3 for 2 years now and will be really sad to see it go!

    Only selling due to not having time to drive it and would rather someone else got the good of it. Only done 1200 miles since last mot!!!

    2002 Audi S3 1.8t BAM with 147,000 miles on the clock.

    The previous owner had the car for 10 years and carried out most of the modifications, he was a member on this forum and had a few posts of the work he had done. I have lots of receipts from the previous owner and from the parts I have fitted.


    Integrated Engineering Rods plus ARP bolts with new rings and conrod bearings at 90k miles + new oil pump.

    Replaced timing belt and water pump at 130000 miles.

    CRTurbo Hybrid K04. (CRT-K04/06-023)

    AGU Largeport head fitted with original BAM parts, rebuilt by backdraft motorsport.

    Blueflame downpipe and sports cat with non-resonated milltek backbox.

    Forge Motorsport Intercooler.

    Forge polished charge pipe with silicone hoses.

    New alternator.

    New LUK pressure plate, flywheel and bearing with SACHS 4 puk friction plate replaced at 130000 miles.

    Backdraft motorsport baffled sump.

    N249 deleted but electronically connected.

    BDA short shifter.

    007 Divertor valve, cold side conversion.

    N75 J valve.

    Badger5 turbo intake pipe.

    Jetex cone air filter.

    REVO map with SPS3 dongle to control boost etc, on low settings you can get 37mpg.

    New boost pipe with new map sensor fitted recently.

    Ecs tuning 1.8t to 2.0t coil pack conversion kit.

    Previous owner estimated power at close to 300bhp with potential for more, but had never rolling roaded it to prove. I have never had the chance to either.

    Exterior and Suspension

    Recently fitted KW variant 1 stainless steel coilovers.

    Haldex Blue controller.

    Forge adjustable tie bars.

    R32 anti roll bars front and rear.

    H&R 10 MM Spacers all round.

    Powerflex bushes.

    Goodyear Eagle F1's all round with 6-7mm on Audi RS4 18" style wheels.

    Brembo GT Junior front calipers with recent 323mm Pagid discs and pads.

    Standard rear calipers rebuit with new seals and dust boots.

    New genuine rear discs with Ferodo ds performance pads.

    New rear number plate light holders and lenses.

    Cupra front splitter.

    Private registration S3 HDX "Haldex" included with the 3d gel plates.

    Had full respray including roof rail corrosion protection done in 2009.


    Immaculate full black leather interior with heated front seats.

    Dash digital display fully working and heater control buttons are in very good condition.

    Diesel Audio NS-440 amp in the boot ready for a sub to be plugged in.


    Previous owner serviced it himself as have I with genuine parts.

    Timing belt and water pump replaced at 130,000 miles in December 2014.

    Engine oil and filter last changed at 144,000miles.

    Haldex oil and filter changed at 145,000miles.

    Fuel filter changed at 145,000miles.

    Spark plugs and coil packs changed at 145,500miles.

    MOT until April 2018 with no advisories.

    Bad points

    As with most cars 15 years old there are a few bad points.

    Both front wings are bubbling on the arches, the driver side one is the worst and passenger side not too bad. If caught soon the wings will not need replacing. (Photos below)

    Small bubble of corrosion on boot number plate plinth. (Photo below)

    Wheels could be doing with a refurb, I was going to be fitting other wheels but never got round to it.

    Centre armrest is stuck in the upright position with button broken, I will get this fixed.

    There is quite a large chip in the windscreen up near the rear view mirror but hasn't gotten any worse in my ownership and is not in line of view so doesn't affect mot.

    Middle engine cover missing.

    All of these things could be sorted with a little time and money and make this car an immaculate example of a rare car.

    I'm looking for £4800 o.v.n.o

    Location: Turriff, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

    Private message me for any other information/photos and contact number for arranging viewing.

    Thanks for looking!

    S3 1.jpg
    S3 2.jpg S3 3.jpg
    S3 4.jpg S3 5.jpg
    S3 6.jpg S3 7.jpg
    S3 8.JPG S3 9.JPG
    S3 10.JPG
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  2. Andyblk

    Andyblk New Member

    Still for sale.
  3. JamieOS

    JamieOS Resident Eejit

    I want it, but unfortunately I can't have it. Shipping it to Ireland and having to pay an extra 34% Vehicle Registration Tax on top of the price makes it too expensive for me. It would go well with my Imola B5 S4. Hopefully somebody who will take excellent care of it will buy it and look after it. I only wish it could be me! Its a lovely car, GLWS.
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  4. Andyblk

    Andyblk New Member

    Price drop! £4800 o.v.n.o
  5. Andyblk

    Andyblk New Member

    Still for sale! I will be down near Blackpool on the last weekend in August and could take the S3 down for anyone to view if the journey up to Aberdeenshire is putting anyone off.
    Message me if you're interested.
  6. Andyblk

    Andyblk New Member

    Still for sale.
  7. Andyblk

    Andyblk New Member

    Price drop! £4500 o.v.n.o
  8. daveA8

    daveA8 New Member

    Hi Andy, Was going to buy this of James from this forum but you beat me to it! surprised that it has so many paint problems? it looked mint when he advertised it, nice spec though and well sorted car, GLWS Dave
  9. Andyblk

    Andyblk New Member

    Price drop! £4300 o.v.n.o
  10. Andyblk

    Andyblk New Member

    Still for sale £4100 o.n.o
  11. Andyblk

    Andyblk New Member

    Still for sale! £4000 o.n.o

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