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stumped.. :-/

Rich00p Jun 28, 2010

  1. Rich00p

    Rich00p Member

    Hi Guys, bit of a long shotb here.. hoping someone can help..

    So I bought an OBDII cable off ebay to use with my old Mk3 golf, then later my 02 plate passat, both worked fine and now I've come to use it with my 97 2.8 Audi Cabrio so bought a 2x2 adaptor for the connection.

    Now I've made sure the cable is going to the correct port etc.. the cable is picked up as a third party interface as it should but when I try to read individual modules it can't find them.

    Only when I try and do an autoscan (i know its lite but still works for engine and ABS modules before it stops) will it pick up fault codes, but when I try to clear it says something about only being able to perform that function with a professional grade interface which is understandable.. I just can't understand why it wont read individual modules but will do 2 on auto scan...
  2. bearthebruce

    bearthebruce Ross-Tech, LLC

    So, on the Cabrio, you are saying that you can not access the engine by going to [01-Engine]? But that when you do an Autoscan it will access the engine? That would truly be strange behavior.

    You could have a problem with the 2x2 adapter where it is only picking up one of the two diagnostic buses - that could explain the behavior.

    Go into [Options] [Test] and post the test results here. I'd like to see if if VCDS-Lite is picking up both KLines as being ok. If not, then we have a place to start.

    I'm on Holiday this week - so don't know if I will get back to you right away. Doesn't sound like any of this is urgent.

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