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Stuck Radio Removal Key

5aq1b Jun 18, 2013

  1. 5aq1b

    5aq1b Member


    Just as i'm about to trade in my Audi A4 this coming Friday, i've went and got the bloody radio removal keys stuck as I was wanting to remove my X-Car Link SD Card player!

    I've managed to get the bottom left hand one out but the other 3 are still stuck and I think the top right one is in the wrong bloody way too. I put that one in with the curved side of the key facing away from the radio! :(

    Can someone help!! Will Halfords be able to take this out or something?

    I've tried sticking a credit card down the side but because of the design of the unit, it won't slide all the way down the side. I did remove the glove box and try to get up the side of it and press in the clips that hold the keys in but couldn't get near them :(

  2. Amason007

    Amason007 Member

    Remove the radio keys from the face by pressing in the locking tabs on the side of RNSE and pulling the key straight out.

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  3. 5aq1b

    5aq1b Member

    thanks, but I mentioned I couldn't get into the side to press the tabs lol

    Removed this morning using brute force!
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  4. marky67

    marky67 Member

    That's exactly what I had to do last week (use brute force) when removing the cd multi-changer, and got the key stuck!
    I put it down to the cheap set of removal keys I purchased from the bay!
    Think I'll invest a few more pennys on a decent set.... slightly thicker, so that they don't get trapped and stuck.
  5. A4Ade

    A4Ade Active Member

    To be honest putting the keys in the wrong way around was the OP's problem - I did the same and they were a bugger to remove. In the right way and even my cheapo keys work just fine: with the radio out it is a piece of pee to remove the keys prior to slotting the radio back in.

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