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stuck in a muddle!! HELP! :D

andyam Mar 19, 2011

  1. andyam

    andyam Active Member

    Hi guys...so here it goes.

    Ive brought an xcarlink for my ipod great...awesome,,
    come to fit it...all seems ok...working at it a bit more...thread the cables through under the centre console to get to my armrest..ok then i realise i need to take out my climate control seemed easy enough...working on it working on it...then as i take it out i notice there is a white rod attached to the back on the knob which direction the fans go...then i think o f***...now i have no idea where this rod is supposed to go..cant see any holes nothing....soo just wondering if anyone has come across this...i have the standard temp settings...not dual climate..*my car is basic* so yeh any help would be fantastic as right now im sitting in my car rattleing my brain and im going mad...help!! :)

    Thanks in advance! :)
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