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Stubborn tar sport on wheels

lil_coz Jul 12, 2008

  1. lil_coz

    lil_coz Active Member

    I've decided to attack my dad's N reg A4 and I thought I'd start with the wheels. I dont think these wheels have EVER been cleaned on the inside as there was a good layer of sh!t on the inside! After a LOT of elbow grease, the inside is about as clean as I can get it. Nice and silver again! On the outside however, theres a lot of tar spots that not even a good dose of Tardis will get rid of! Now I've got an aggressive clay bar on its way. Will this do or will I need anything else? I'm beginning to think that these wont come off at all!

  2. WX51TXR

    WX51TXR Polished Bliss

    If Tardis doesn't work, then aggressive claying is the next logical step, and usually works well, but is obviously time consuming. If claying doesn't work, then chances are nothing will, and a refurb ought to be considered. :icon_thumright:
  3. Shy19s

    Shy19s Oil running through my veins.

    White spirit usually does the job. Be careful with it tho, dont use too much, dont press too hard
  4. jr001

    jr001 Member

    Sometimes there are small stone chips in the rims that are right through to the 'black'. They look like tar spots, but when you run your fingernail over them you soon find out that they aint tar spots! Sorry for stating the obvious here but have you checked that they are not chips?? I have been bamboozled on one or two occasions only to realise I was trying to remove a stone chip with tar and glue remover LOL.
  5. lil_coz

    lil_coz Active Member

    Hmmm, I'm pretty sure its not because they are positioned in the corners of the spokes. I'll make sure tomorrow tho when the sun comes up! :o.k:

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