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Strange sound coming front left of car

STOJ Oct 30, 2004

  1. STOJ

    STOJ New Member

    Hey Guys i'm new to the forums and this is my first post. Im in Australia (Perth) and I purchased a 99 A4 (B5) 2.4L V6, FWD, 5speed auto with 100000kms last week.

    This week I had my rims and a set of spring puyt on the car and now I seem to be having a problem with it. I put on a set of APEX springs (40-50mm lowered) and 20*8.5 inch wheels. Since having put these on the car, there is a strange thumping noise coming from the front left of the car, and also a clicking sound. Now the sounds only occur when I accelerate, or apply the throttle and not when I turn the wheels or in neutral.

    I checked the cars etc to make sure that nothing was rubbing and everything seems fine. Took it to the local suspension place and the guy there told me that it sounds like a cv joint problem. He said that because the car has been lowered the angle of the inner CV has changed and is causing the noise. The audi dealer in Perth ( there is only one!) said something along similar lines, saying that it had something to do with the driveshaft cause I lowered the car. I have lowered other FWD cars before and never experienced this. I'm afraid that it may be damaging the car. The car was stock when I purchased it and have had the wheels and spings only on for 2 days, but it started making the noise straight away.

    Has anyone else come across this problem, and how have they corrected it? Any help would be appreciated.


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