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Strange single knocking/rocking like noise when i put into lower gears and throttle

Jimgrim77 Apr 13, 2012

  1. Jimgrim77

    Jimgrim77 Member

    Hi all,

    Hope someone can advise.

    Once the paddle clutch, the stage 3 hybrid, the xspower mani etc...went in, it caused the engine mounts to disintegrate. So..i sorted that and have a full set of new THS mounts in.

    However, now that I have had the engine mounts done and in, I am now experiencing a new singular thunk/clunk/knock/rocking noise when i place into first or change into second gear and engage any sort of power. It happens each and everytime, like something is moving with the opposite direction to the car, or at least not with it.

    It's difficult to know the exact location but seems to be on the drivers side. I've already had new poly bushes placed on the car, so it can't be them. It's also not a noise made by stainless steel, so not exhaust related. The noise it a kind of thunk...it's heavier and more dense. I imagine the noise is in lower gears as it is at this point that there would be most movement/torque heading as the car accelerated but is is again singular and just as you apply any kind of power after engagement.

    Sorry this is a bit of a ramble but i'm trying to diagnose what it could be. Hope nothing else ir broken or coming loose.

    Word of warning - More mods = more problems = more expense....anyone thinking of pushing these cars to far will need deep pockets.

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