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Strange problem with remotes for central locking

CharlieJ Apr 19, 2013

  1. CharlieJ

    CharlieJ New Member

    I recently bought my June 2000 A3 8L 1.6 SE which only came supplied with 1 key, so following advice from threads on here I got myself a new key and remote from ebay and got it cut and coded in to the immobiliser, so I know at least have my SKC.

    Here's the strange part I have tried all the methods I can find online to sync both remotes as both keys will open and start the car; both remotes will work to lock and unlock the car but only one of them at once will work when I try syncing them to the car if I try and get the other one working it knocks the other one off etc. Anyone got any good ideas, or if it needs doing with vcds or vag-com anyone in or around Chorley Lancashire that could help?



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