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Strange problem with DIS

drewwa Sep 22, 2006

  1. drewwa

    drewwa New Member


    I've got a strange problem with my DIS which I can only describe as a 'virus' !

    It looks almost as if something is 'eating' the display. What is most weird is that it is growing/moving slowly around the display. It doesn't leave a trail, it fixes itself after it moves. (ie. some previous 'infected areas' now work properly again.)

    Here's picture with the DIS on (I've got the usual fade in warm temperatures problem)


    When the DIS is off you can see a sort of 'shadow' where the virus is. Almost as if something has leaked on the inside of the LED.

    I'm assuming it's knackered and I need a replacement. I don't really know if this is doable, or how I go about figuring out the part number of the display. I'm also assuming it's ££££ from audi.

    My car is 7 years old so probably not worth fixing. Anybody else seen this sort of thing before?


  2. mac1403

    mac1403 Member

    The displays are a common fault on these cars. Must admit, I have not seen one go like that though. Most just start missing parts of a character or develope a line through the middle. To replace will cost about £200.

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