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Strange noise when turning corners or rolling without accelerating, ideas please?

Mason-A3Sport Sep 25, 2009

  1. Mason-A3Sport

    Mason-A3Sport Audi Sport

    My A3 is making a strange wooing, noise almost like a helicopter.... but not as loud haha.:unsure: I noticed it on the country roads a few day's ago, it also has just started happening when a free roll slowly but stop's when accelerating. I'm not sure if it would be the wheel bearing's, but does not sound like as it sound's as if it is coming from under chassis possible the slip differential, idea's would be great please.... already have to pay out for anti roll bar bushes and brackets, an rear bushes this week, Hard times lol.:blink:
  2. jesters3

    jesters3 Active Member VCDS Map User

    Check the power steering fluid to make sure all is in order there. Last time I had a strange screeching noise when turning left/right was because there was no fluid in the system Once filled up all good and no more noises - cheap and easy fix!

    Otherwise, if it sounds like a helicopter is it when you are braking so you feel the 'pulsing' undefoot = dodgy brakes

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