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Strange noise under hard acceleration but nothing coming up on VAGCOM

Shaq12 Jan 11, 2013

  1. Shaq12

    Shaq12 Drive it like its hot!

    Hi all,

    OK so it started about a week ago, I was driving along the motorway and there was a sudden drop in power, maybe 5-10%. But I accelerated again and the car felt fine, perhaps my foot slipped a bit and I wasn't paying attention properly. Until I was on the slip road pulling away again and in low gears at high revs 2.5/3k revs and more there was a bad noise. Hard to describe but it sounded a bit like a machine gun type noise or something knocking and getting louder the faster something span, if that makes sense.

    So into the garage it went, they thought it was the oil pump at first but discounted that. Then VAGCOM was showing a glow plug error upon investigation one of the plugs had the electode(?) come away or something. The car has done about 78k so glow plugs are probably due some time soon. So they were replaced and the car reported working fine.

    However driving home when you hammer it in first, second and maybe third 3k revs plus the noise is still there but about two thirds quieter than before it went in.

    Performance-wise it feels fine. I'm not 100% sure but I think it's worse the warmer the engine is but that could be a red herring.

    Done some googling and searching here and being a noise looks like it could be anything for a heat shield, to an engine mount to many other things.

    But anyone any ideas?

    The car is a 57 plate A3 170 TDi Quattro

  2. ruairi83

    ruairi83 Well-Known Member Team Sepang quattro Audi A4 Black Edition

    if you have a access to lift check for heat sheild mate. If not take to exhaust place and ask them to check they will for free.

    had same problem on my car mate...
  3. NHN

    NHN Retrofitter - Audi - VW - Skoda - Seat Site Sponsor VCDS Map User

    Belts, tensioner maybe, as said, needs to be lifted & checked out directly.
  4. Shaq12

    Shaq12 Drive it like its hot!

    Cheers guys.

    Looks like it'll just have to go back again. Don't think it's the belt as that was only replaced 5k ago and would like to think that's the sort of thing a garage would pick up on but then again...!

  5. Shaq12

    Shaq12 Drive it like its hot!

    And the saga continues. This morning the Emission light comes on...

    So I'm starting to think this is all linked to the injector recall replacement I had in November...

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