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Strange noise from rear brakes.... When driving..?

Rafkoo Sep 1, 2009

  1. Rafkoo

    Rafkoo Member

    Since I've had the car (over a year), I think I have has a slight problem with one of my rear brakes….

    There is scraping noise coming from the rear when driving at low speed -

    The noise sounds similar to like someone sharpening a knife on a sharpening block - so it's not constant, but increases in frequency and pitch the faster I drive - and is very much in synch with the rotation of the rear wheels… at about 5mph I can hear it "whish……………....whish………………...whish….", the faster I get the faster it also gets….. It's not exceptionally loud and can't hear it by the time I'm up to 15mph.. And under normal driving you can't hear it at all….

    A further bit of info that might help you clever chaps diagnose this…. If the car has not been driven for a while - say a week….. And I try to pull away under idle rpm (it's a DSG) the car moves as if to go then stops - because something has seized (in the rear wheels/brakes??…) and I have to give it a little throttle for it to "break" free of whatever has seized…. And it's a definite and sudden "breaking" free of whatever is holding it back… rather than moving against gravity - could this be related to the problem above…?

    Thanks for any input guys. Will get the brakes checked out - but want to go there with a bit of info to give the mechs.

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  2. leach76

    leach76 Member

    Mate to me this sounded like one of the rear back plates or dust shields either catching on the disk at 1st or a stone caught between the 2,but now with you mentioning the car holding back i would either say you have got a kinked brake pipe not allowing fluid to release correctly or other thing could be the handbrake lever on the caliper sticking, it the rear wheel or wheels getting hot while driving? if so it wants sorting asap because it will be drying grease up in your bearings if so.Have a look under the back of the car at the calipers=where the handbrake cable attatches to the caliper that lever should be at same height on both sides
  3. Rafkoo

    Rafkoo Member

    Thanks for the reply mate - I'm not aware of the wheel gettign hot - although I've never checked it to be honest.

    I'm taking her in today to be checked out....
  4. Rafkoo

    Rafkoo Member

    Collected the car... and basically they said they couldn't find anything wrong with it.... some rust on the outside edge around the disks which could cause a minor "lock" if some rust builds up between the pad and disc if it's been standing around for a week without being driven - but couldn't replicate the noise....

    It's true, that the noise and "siezing" only seems to be apparent after it's been sat for a while.... but still.... shame they couldn't isolate what it could really be....
  5. Twizzler

    Twizzler Active Member

    I would suggest you wait until you're sure the fault will occur and then jack the car and check the rotation of the rear wheels....

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