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Strange DIS warnings.. brakes / gearbox = help please?

imported_CurryMilkShake Feb 18, 2006

  1. I have 2 separate queries, but both about messages coming up in the in dash display (bear in mind I dont have the full DIS just the standard basic version on my 2004 A4 sport)

    1st query:
    Whenever I hoon it a bit round a corner, (more usually one of the little local roundabouts on the A31, requiring a quick flick-flick of the wheel and that lovely go-kart feeling..)
    I know get the BRAKES symbol flashing in the display along with three loud warning beeps.. never does it any other time, brakes work perfectly, is it just the esp warning of reduced grip? its annoying me cos it never used to happen, and now its fairly consistent if im in a rush.. If I drive more 'sensibly' it doesnt ever happen.. Am I just being more of a hooligan than before? dont think so, but maybe..

    2nd Query:
    Only done this once (tonight). As soon as the key went in the ignition, but before even starting, the full PRNDS part of the display was flashing, and carried on doing so while driving. The gearbox worked perfectly and there were no other warning messages or beeps. switching to 'tiptronic' (with all respect to Bowfer, a mutitronic doesnt pretend to be manual!) changed the display to the usual 654321, but was still flashing. Stopped the car after a mile or so, switched it off.. after switching on again, it still flashed, but then as soon as i moved away it stopped and didnt do it again.

    Now, Im wanting to buy the car from work this month, so I need to know - should I be worried about either of these things?! any ideas?!

    Would be VERY grateful for responses!


  2. scoTTy

    scoTTy Active Member

    Don't know about [2] but [1] could be low on brake fluid. Since this could possibly indicate a leak you need to check it asap!
  3. technics100

    technics100 Active Member

    Number 1 is robably just the fluid level. Mine would do the same tound roundabouts etc. I changed the front pads and it stopped. the thicker pads obviously pushed more fluidback into the resivoir and raised the level..
  4. Thanks!

    Its due a service in about 3k which will include fluid change - but I will ceck and not leave it til then!

    the other one hasnt done it since, fine today, so might phone audi tomorrow, just in case..
  5. phil1978

    phil1978 Member

    Number 1 is most definately your brake fluid level. I had exactly the same with mine. Hard cornering to the right sends the fluid to the left of the reservoir and even with the internal baffle it isn't enough to help stabilize the level. And with the sensor on the right of the reservoir it brings in the low brake fluid level signal which shows on your DIS as brakes symbol.
    I checked my brake pads and there was more than enough meat on them all. Checked the reservoir and just above min. So I took to Audi and they explained that this is common as the reservoir is so small when there are new pads all round there isn't enough space for the fluid, thus when the brakes start to wear it requires topping up. But dont put too much in as you will have to bleed some out when you replace the pads. It's apparantly a SAFETY FEATURE, or so AUDI liked to tell me.
  6. Lynas

    Lynas Member

    Oh, that's why mine was doing it too...

  7. a4sline

    a4sline Member

    Number 1 is deffo the brake fluid level and number 2 means that the gearbox ECU has registered a fault. Either way get the dealer to plug in 5052 to determine the prob. May well just be the speed signal.

  8. dstech

    dstech Member

    I had this happen to me too the other day. Glad I checked the board.

    BTW, I moved my hand brake up and down and the brake warning went away??? The warning I got is the same as if the hand brake is still engaged when you start driving the car, thus the reason I moved the hand brake.

    I'll definitely go out and check the brake fluid.
  9. Checked the brake fluid - its RIGHT on the 'min' indicator, so all this rings true, thanks chaps..

    however, you try finding DOT4 fluid from any of our local fuel stations.. got to wait til I can get to Halfords or Audi..

    Will get AUdi to check the gearbox..
  10. phil1978

    phil1978 Member

    As your car is in warranty take it back to them (Audi) and tell them your symptoms. Tell them your worried as it's your brakes and there may be a fault . . . . . If they are nice!!!! the stealers will have a quick look and top it up for you like mine did. No need to look around for DOT4 fluid or pay extortionate stealer prices.
  11. hensoni

    hensoni New Member

    Your multi-tronic display issue is probably just a sensor failure - but, it's a gearbox out job so make sure it's done before you buy the vehicle.

    The fault log should register the fault, even if it's not apparent now.
  12. multitronic was indeed a sensor issue - I put a thread up to that effect - excellent service from Audi but im very glad it was done under warranty!

    Car has been with Audi 10 days so far, and still no sign of an imminent return though

    Gearbox out, they arent just replacing the sensor they are replacing all the gearbox electronics..

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