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Strange clutch pedal problem

Ian W Jul 16, 2008

  1. Ian W

    Ian W Active Member

    Got a strange issue with my clutch pedal...

    Drove around 35 miles to work this morning all fine, pulled into the car park and my clutch pedal seemed to come away and drop down so it was now a few inches lower than it was although the bite was very low the clutch worked fine...

    I messed about with the pedal with my foot and kind of pulled the pedal back up and it seemed to lock back into place, just been out to test it and the pedal seems perfectly fine :think:

    Booked it into the local Audi specialist tomorrow to see what they think..

    I've done a search but all clucth pedal problems seem to result in the pedal hitting the floor and not coming back up? There is also no bits of plastic on the carpet that could of snapped off :think:
  2. S3 Rav

    S3 Rav Well-Known Member

    clutch switch cracked??
  3. themanthatcan

    themanthatcan Member VCDS Map User

    Can only imagine that the master cylinder had a funny 5 minutes?
  4. Ian W

    Ian W Active Member

    Done about 50 miles since and so far its ok....

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