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Strange clutch issue!

Plumber joe Oct 23, 2013

  1. Plumber joe

    Plumber joe New Member

    Hi, new to the forum here so bear with me! I've got a clutch issue at the moment where sometimes the clutch will work fine and I can drive the car as long as I like with no issues what so ever other times I'll start the engine and will not be able to get it into any gear, if I turn the engine on and off a few times and keep trying I can get it to work again, once working it will remain fine throughout the drive until the ignition is switched off, if I try to start it back up immediately after it will not go I to any gears again, has anyone come accrross this problem before? The clutch has been in for around 18months and is a stage 3 daily clutch from south bend clutch in the u.s.

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