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Straightline Performance, Malvern, Worcestershire

Shadowman May 11, 2012

  1. Shadowman

    Shadowman Active Member

    Moving over to Worcestershire in the next few weeks and looking for a good VW/Audi specialist in the area.......wondered if anyone had used these guys or had any experience of them as they are based in Malvern ?
  2. mjr901

    mjr901 Guest Gold Supporter Audi S3

    You know I'm your man for this?? Doubt anyone is out where i live!! Anyway I live right by Malvern and know Gavin ( the owner).

    This is where i had my stage 1 map on my previous S3, he is a dealer for chipped UK now Viezu. Stay clear of them, rubbish.

    As for the mechanics, He managed to pinch one of the main technicians/mechanics from listers Audi/VW.

    Gav's generally a good bloke from what i can gather.

    His garage is always rammed with cars. He seems very capable, and will have a deal with you.

    Other than that there is "RPM", i also know him, but not as well.

    To be honest, find somebody i don't know of in Malvern? I wash the majority of cars there, so know, who's who :)
    Last edited: May 11, 2012
  3. Shadowman

    Shadowman Active Member

    We'll have to grab a coffee in Nero's when I come over.

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