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storage tray and a few Q's

ron burgandy Jan 31, 2011

  1. ron burgandy

    ron burgandy Active Member

    hi i have now taken delivery of my new audi s3 sportsback.

    absolutley loving it but i have a few questions.

    on the row of buttons where the air passenger bag and the hazard light button is
    i have a few spare buttons and have seen a few audis with a small storage tray.

    is it possible to retro fit this.

    also it has developed a rattle under the steering wheel which is going back the the dealer for, is this a common problem and what are the chances are having this sorted.

    next problem is i noticed a chip in the paint work when i collected the car
    and pointed this out to the salesman which i was told it would be sorted out.

    they said they would respray the door when i got home i thought about it and don t think i will be happy with it been resprayed as it brand new and with the best respay job it will never be as good as original spray job.

    i asked the salemans when i bought the car if it needed an oil service before the first main service and he said no. i have now found out it will be needing one in 335 days sholud i ask for it to be done foc as for theh niggles and the fact he siad i didnt need one?

    many thanks
  2. welshwoody

    welshwoody Member VCDS Map User

    You can retrofit the card tray, there are quite a few threads on here about it.
    Doubt you can do anything about the oil, it will always tell you when the oil change is due I would have thought, mines on 209 days and when its done it`ll start the countdown again once its been reset to do so.
    Not sure about the rest sorry.
  3. K4RL

    K4RL Active Member Audi S3

    Hi Ron - How the news reading going?

    I've got a 2010 model S3 & bought a card/coin tray off e-bay, but was unable to fit it as blanking plate is all one piece. See link for others comments.
    As for oil change every 12months or 9000miles on the short service schedule.



    Found the original thread I followed to remove my blanking plate - my hazard switch is integrated into the blanking plate, not like in this 2009 model where the switch is separate.

    Last edited: Jan 31, 2011

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