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Stopping smoking

coatesy Sep 17, 2012

  1. sidibear

    sidibear Looking for Zombies !! Staff Member Moderator Audi A4

    I applaud those that have managed to give up.
    I have never ever been able to kick the habit, I smoke mini cigars like they are about to ban them and I may never get another.

    WAFTER Member

    I'm ashamed to admit that like many who have never smoked that I adopted a very superior attitude to the poor people who stick white sticks in the mouths and set them alight, the sticks that is. Huddled in doorways, lurking in alleyways like some sort of underclass.
    Then I looked at myself. I cannot resist sugar and sweets and biscuits even though excessive amounts do me harm. I blame Mum because 60 years ago when milk was given out in the morning break it was ALWAYS accompnaied by the HP ginger biscuit that Mum had given me. I still remember being bereft should I have forgotten to take my ginger biscuit to school. From that day to this i have never been able to have a cup of tea or coffee without a bun or biscuit. Try as I may I cannot break the habit so now I curb my thoughts when judging others unable to curb their habits.
    What I was never able to tolerate was having any sort of relationship or even me next to a female who smoked, however lovely or willing said female was. The stink of stale fags made me wretch let alone the prospect of snogging a human ashtray. There is a motoring link here - some years ago in a car dealership a young lady salesperson smelt so badly of stale fags I complained and asked to be attended by somebody else. I was advised nobody else was available and knowing there's no shortage of other places to buy I went elswhere. What the smelly lady didn't know was that I had been tasked to buy 6 cars for my companies salesforce so she lost commission 'cos she smoked.
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  3. SteveP40

    SteveP40 New Member

    If any one is interested, I use a company called magicig, they sent me a discount code (which I've since used a couple of times, so probably still works). MCEE20 - 20% off, def worth a shot. I tried with patches and gum and my wife even sent me to that Allan Carr clinic, with these things i've not smoked for ages, and the smell of normal fags is revolting now!

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