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Stop Start, still not kicking in...

jamesyboy5593 Apr 14, 2013

  1. jamesyboy5593

    jamesyboy5593 New Member

    Hi everyone, my stop start is still refusing to play!! It's annoying as I find it does make a difference to my mpg on the daily commute.

    It's now around 10 degrees, the battery is fully charged, I'm not using the de-mist and am pretty certain all the other parameters must surely be being met.

    It still just won't work consistently. Yesterday it worked a few times then stopped working again (on the same journey!).

    What are others finding?
  2. S3-Iain

    S3-Iain Member

    i dont have a audi stop start but i work for toyota and id geuss there pretty much the same. we find alot of peoples stop/start dont work because the A/C pump is running or the heaters fan speed is turned on at all. they do need a half decent drive everynow and again to get the battery charged up and also the little booster thing that holds extra change to keep the radio playing and things like that while the engine is stopped. most cars we carry out the tests on in work have nothing wrong with them, theres just to many requirments when they will and wont work.

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