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*** Stolen Blue S3 - Must Read If just bought or viewing! -WG07 VSZ ***

s3-matty Mar 7, 2013

  1. s3-matty

    s3-matty New Member

    Bought S3 in light blue about 6months ago, all singing all dancing, every extra on it, stolen 5 month into having it ! Coil pack went after 10 of having it ! Clutch slave went on it after after about month from buying it, cost 100's !

    REG - WG07 VSZ.

    Know so many little things if someone has bought it. Now bought another S3 with no faults (upto now!)

    Little things to pick up on if bought or viewing (reg i know has more than likey been changed & i know its proberly in ireland by know (stolen by gypo's!) but worth a try ...

    Car was Light blue all stock apart from wind deflector's, had audi bucket seats, auto lights, needle sweep, auto lights, auto dim rear mirror, folding wing mirror's which new one doesnt have, bought alot cheap than blue one so not really bothered to be honest.

    Hints .flaw's if bought / viewed S3 in last couple of months -

    Stoned chipped quite bad bonnet / bumper.

    Crack in drivers view on windscreen (been filled)

    Drivers door been quite badly resparyed after being keyed.

    Arm rest catch was snapped so velco strip on it.

    Little tear in rear seat backing on seat behind drivers seat, near where middle seat belt goes.

    Glove box hinges snapped so fall's off when opened.

    Battery cover missing.

    Resprayed wing mirror's.

    Mileage around 80k

    Engine management light was on, and airbag ... thats all little or best things really i think !

    Well apart from that it was a ok car haha ! Any idea's let me know (Reward will be given)

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